May 27 2016

9:00am- Calm seas and cloudy skies greeted us this morning, great conditions for finding animals! After we finished a Coastal Tour we started to head offshore. At first it was slow going! We only had 3 dolphins to start with. Capt. Ryan kept pushing on, further and further offshore. None of the other boats had seen a whale. Finally in the binoculars we had some signs of life… birds and 100+ dolphin. When we arrived we also found two humpback whales! Yahoo! One of them jumped about 100 feet from the boat. A good start!

11:30am- We passed the location of these animals off to Capt. Tom from Dana Point; on our way out for the 11:30am he radioed us to say that he found the whales again. We ended up seeing hundreds of dolphin, three humpback whales and a minke whale! One of the humpback whales made a rare “lunge feed” right next to our boat! It was a really great trip with some very close encounters.


humpack-newport-beach newport-beach-whale-watching

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