Saturday December 30 2017

9:00am- 1 Gray Whale, 30 Pacific White Sided Dolphin (T, RC, A)

11:30am- 1 Gray Whale, 50 Pacific White Sided Dolphin (A, T, RC)

12:30pm- 250 Common Dolphin, 10 Pacific White Sided Dolphin, 8 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin (R)

2:30pm- 1 Gray Whale, 40 Pacific White Sided Dolphin (T, A, RC)

Featured photo taken by drone pilot Mark G today of one of our Gray Whales that we watched today!




2 thoughts on “Saturday December 30 2017

  1. Chuck macGregor Reply

    Did you get drone photos or video of us in the outriggers this morning the 30th?

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