Captain Ryan

Captain Ryan
A Newport Beach native, Ryan has spent virtually his entire life on the waters surrounding his home.

From a young age, he has been captivated by the creatures of the sea, primarily through his lifelong hobby of fishing. Ryan’s dad, also an seagoing man, has raised him on several boats ranging from 18 to 56 feet, and taken him on hundreds of fishing adventures.

In the last decade, Ryan has explored more of the ocean beyond just catching fish, including diving with great white sharks, swimming with a variety of whales, and circumnavigating the globe aboard the Semester at Sea program. To him, the ocean offers endless excitement, solace, and possibilities for knowledge.

Newport Coastal Adventure was founded by Ryan in December 2014, after working two years as skipper of the Balboa Island Ferry. Before that, he had a few stints with Fish and Wildlife agencies, Idaho Fish and Game and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. None of that is related to his Bachelor’s Degree in History he received from Loyola Marymount University, but that’s quite alright with him, as long as he can be in the outdoors.

Ryan’s favorite aspect of his job is sharing with others the amazing sights to be had in the waters of his hometown, and documenting the animals with his camera.


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