Wednesday May 25 2016

Just an 11:30am trip today. Before we left Capt. Kane on the Ocean Explorer let us know that on his previous trip he didn’t find much life, so we went the opposite direction, west towards Catalina Island. It was slim pickings for a while until Capt Ryan located a pod of 30 or so dolphins. A lot less than we have recently been seeing but some days are slower than others. These are a lot of fun, very playful with the boat and tightly packed. A few babies mixed in, too. After that we did a lot of searching offshore but couldn’t find the same life that has been present here the last few weeks. We headed in towards Laguna Beach, and got to see a pod of around a dozen Pacific White-Sided Dolphins feeding, which was some welcome variety! Then to finish things off, Capt. Mike on the Western Pride was anchored at Crystal Cove when he called us on the radio to report a Gray Whale cow/calf! We headed right there, and got lucky to finish our trip with some whales! Better late than never…. our trip ran 3 hours long!

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